Dear Hannah, You Make Me Say F...

Hannah Brencher is an author, speaker, and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters. Her first book, “If You Find This Love Letter,” comes out March 2015. She has a two weekly emails she sends out, “Dear Monday Secret Society,” and “The Living Room (For Undergrads),” both have waiting lists a mile long. They’re worth waiting for.


Dear Hannah,


You make me say F a lot. When I first started getting your Dear Monday emails, it was usually Thursday before I had a chance to read them. Now they are as much a part of my Mondays as my regularly scheduled therapy session and induce almost as many swears. In case I have you thinking this is a bad thing, let me clarify. It isn't.


Your words have jacked me up. Sometimes they make me angry. One day they tore me to shreds and the next week they bound up my bleeding wound. What you write forces the reader to leave where they are. You don't let someone stay in limbo.


Dreamers need this. People who haven’t found their dreams yet need it too. Maybe they need it more. That’s why I chose you to be part of this mutiny of dreamers. From the reactions of my launch team, I think I did well in choosing you.  


This was the first response I received.


My correspondent has requested to remain nameless.

My correspondent has requested to remain nameless.



And another.




They then insisted we have a virtual dance party that included All About That Bass & Shake It Off  in your honor. The point being, people care about your story. It resonates with them.


In one of your Dear Monday emails, you said this thing. It keeps bouncing around in my head because it’s the way I feel too.


“I will naturally expect the best out of you. And maybe you’ll let me down. But I will expect the best out of you again. That has nothing to do with how I hope you will show up for me, specifically. It has to do with how badly I want you to show up for your own life. That’s where my expectations lie— in the hope that you will see at the end of your longer days that you were made for so much more than an “okay” life.”


And this is why your dream and the mutiny of it is so essential, Hannah. You teach us to long for more. You show us to desire the deeper things. Your words remind us that we were created to “show up for our own lives.” Show up in the set your teeth on edge beautiful moments and the wreck your soul painful ones. You, sister, hand out the most loving b*tchslaps because you know our heart needs them. You have faith that it can handle them. You make us better. You are teaching us to mutiny well.


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Mutiny Well, Dreamer.