Build A Dream, Find A Dream

“Hey, Rugby!” I heard a voice coming from the back as I tripped into the half empty bus from the rainy afternoon. I knew without having to ask that this stranger was referring to me. It was almost a year ago and I was San Diego for the Storyline conference put on by Donald Miller and his team. I had the (mis)fortune of participating in a pre-conference improv workshop put on by Tripp Crosby. Somehow I found myself on-stage in an improv exercise that led to me hinting at some sort of misconduct with an entire rugby team. That combined with my hot pink rainboots had led to some notoriety at the conference. The voice at the back of the bus was accompanied by sparkling eyes and a mischevious grin. I would find out it’s owner’s name was April Beltran.


April is an artist and a writer. She is a graphic designer who loves to travel. And when I met her she had many dreams and no specific dream and she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted. After Storyline, we kept in touch. As we continued getting to know each other, I learned something quickly about April. Her family is extremely important to her. Many of the dreamers that I talk are incredibly passionate about their dreams. And April is. When I would talk to her, she would discuss her artwork and what she hoped it would accomplish and where it would go. But as much as she talked about her dream, it was matched by her family. Her hopes and dreams for them. Her love for them.


When I learned she was putting her dream on hold for a little bit to make one of her family’s dreams come true, it wasn’t surprising to me. Her father has an illness that is causing him to lose his sight. He has always wanted to travel to the Philippines. April created a crowdfunding campaign to make this dream a reality. She could have created a campaign to launch some of her dreams but instead she decided that this was the one she wanted to see come to life. Her campaign was successful and the trip was this year’s Christmas present to her family.  


April told me this, “While funding my dad's trip I found my own. My dream is to live fully so others can live as well. Letting go of  a career so that I could find the thing He wanted me to. I don't want anymore starving artists I want thriving ones.” She is currently working for a start-up while traveling the world with her team. She is living her dream. “When I get super fixated on this dream. When I get tunnel vision on the dream, I miss out on all the things along the way. Loving what I do and getting to support other people in their dreams and travel.”


Sometimes when we help make the dreams of someone else come true, we find our own. If we are willing to support the pursuits of those around us and encourage them, our time will come. Perspective is a funny. When we are willing to take our eyes off of ourselves, dreams beyond our own can come true.

Mutiny Well, Dreamer.