How God Speaks To Us

“I didn’t really leave quietly,” said the gentle voice of the man sitting across from the screen from me, “I ran screaming.” Scott Maderer. He was talking about his exit from the church world. “It wasn’t until years later that I came back to God.”


For his day job, Scott works with ETS. The testing service that gives us all of the wonderful things we love to hate. Like the GRE, of which I am too familiar and has made me feel less than genius more than once. His dream is one that he pursues with his wife. Together they do financial leadership or stewardship coaching, as well as entreleadership through Dave Ramsey’s company. When he told me this, he said,“we’re calling it "stewardship coaching"  even though it’s kind of a Christian buzzword. We're trying to reclaim it as more than being about money but rather stewarding all of your gifts for God's glory. That's really where it starts to feel real. People put up barriers. Part of stewarding well is getting rid of those barriers.”


Getting rid of barriers and Dave Ramsey is where our story comes back to Scott’s return to faith.


“It was because of Dave Ramsey. My marriage is saved, I didn’t commit suicide, and I found God again because I started listening to his radio show. Sounds crazy, right? But I think God speaks to us in the way we can hear Him. We were so in debt and I didn’t know how we were going to get out of it. There was the answer.”


God speaks to us in the way we can hear Him.


My mind is blown away by both the simplicity and the profundity of this statement. It echoes in me as I think of the ways He has done this in me, in those around me. The way He is doing it in you.


“It’s why we coach now,” Scott continued, “to give others to the opportunity to have this experience.” I asked him what it was like to pursue your dream alongside of your spouse. “It’s terrifying. You wonder what will happen if something goes wrong; it goes to our core. It’s inspiring; it is incredibly deep. Anything that feels like that much of your identity is fear inducing. I think this is why so many people don’t even try to live a dream.”


It’s true. I’ve heard it said so many times. People know what they were created to do but fear stands in their way. Some of their largest fears are money and time. Scott and his wife are teaching people how to steward these things, their lives, well. They have already helped many clients and friends achieve freedom from debt and learn how to become better stewards in various areas of their lives. A new website  was even launched a month ago. The Maderers hope to be full-time by the end of the year. “We’re waiting for the boat to get a little closer to the dock before we jump,” he said to me, smiling.


I smile back and think, “that is a good thing.” I think that is called wisdom. I think that Scott and his wife have learned to mutiny well and are teaching others how to do the same thing. God speaks to us in the way we can hear Him. If we are willing to listen, it can move us forward into the most beautiful dreams we were created to pursue.

Mutiny Well, Dreamer.