He is Light in the Dark

Jeremy is a storyteller. He is a writer, director, producer, photographer, videographer, and if there is something else that fits into that category, he can do it. Some of his work can be found at jeremystanley.tv.


The first time Jeremy and I had a real conversation, he was in the middle of a coup in Thailand and I had just completed a Twitter rant about hot man Pinterest boards. At that moment I figured it was a pretty good indicator of how life would go. His destiny was to be off changing the world in some exotic locale, where as I would just be here, making ridiculously unnecessary points to no one on the internet. Obviously some things have changed.


Jeremy has worked with a variety of brands and creatives and could namedrop you so fast you wouldn’t even feel the floor until it smacked you in the face and broke your nose. But, he’s not like that.


He’s one of those rare humans. The kind that everyone likes. Seriously. Everyone. Every other person I know who knows him adores him. Also, six degrees is a myth, the world is super overlappy these days.


Almost two months ago, I had one of the most difficult days I’ve ever had. One day soon I’ll tell you the story of these dark months and how they have all led to this. In the middle of that painful day, Jeremy popped up. We hadn’t talked in awhile. Both of us had been busy with life and chasing dreams. He asked how I was doing but there are days when the darkness is so thick you can’t tell another human the details of it. I made it seem like less than what it was. He made that moment lighter.


A few weeks ago we had another conversation that left a mark. He was telling me about this side project he’s been working on. It blew my mind. “This is redeeming.” I told him. “I’ve had so much crap happen in the past year; seeing the beauty of this is a gift.”


Then he said these words. I quoted them in my video about the Kickstarter’s setback. Many days they echo in my head.


“I’m sorry about the things you have been facing, but you ARE brave. And they are shaping you and your story. And it will be redeemed. And you will be healed. And it will be a hard part of your story. But it will be a good story.”


“Jeremy, you are light in the dark.”


And, he is. This is why I chose him for this project, to be a part of my book. We need dreamers like him. The gentle who battle the dark with a ferocity. The ones who remind us that it doesn’t win. We need those dreamers who look the ugliness that death and war and sin have wrought in the face and say, “Your story will be redeemed and it will be a good story.”


The story of Jeremy’s dream is a powerful one. It needs to be told. Join the mutiny and help fund this journey: http://kck.st/1BYR2pQ


Mutiny Well, Dreamer.