Story Threads & You: Why I'm Actually Writing This Book

It was 7:00 am and my body ached from the chill of the room and the only three hours sleep I had managed to snag the night before. The thin sheets and down comforter were pulled up over my head and under them my phone lit up as I typed away.


Notebook: M.O.D.


"The moment of choice is a brilliant one; when a human chooses who they are."


The words poured out as the grey dampness tried to claw its way in between the tightly pulled curtains. I thought I was writing about humanity in general. I believed I was writing about someone in specific. I didn't know I was telling my own story. 


The words I would write that day about mutiny and choice were relevant to my state of being.


In talking about Mutiny of Dreamers and this trip, I think I have done what we all do. I've oversimplified the point. I wanted this project to be accessible for everyone. A journey that was easy to understand and join in. There are pieces of it which are but last night someone asked me a question. The question made me realize this dream needs greater definition for you.


This book, this journey, isn't just about telling other people's stories. If only I were that selfless and lovely. If you know me at all, you're probably snorting right now. I tell story. The ones I'm the best at telling are the ones which have intersected my life in some way. 


This is why I have chosen these dreamers. Their dreams have impacted me. Some up close. Some far away. This journey is about understanding the what and the how and the why of their mutiny because inside of me is a story scientist who is fascinated by these elements. I can couch it in other terms and tell you it's for all of us. 


AND IT WILL BE. I promise. It will teach us how to mutiny well.* What not to do. What to do. The poignant. The painful. The hilarious. All of that along the way.


But, this is my story. It's the story of my mutiny. My dream's mutiny. And I think I'm learning that a mutiny isn't planned to the nth degree. It starts out with a bit of a structure but then evolves.


This is what dreams do if we allow them. You can detail out that dream all you want. Do it. Planning is essential. But leave room for the unexpected. Leave room for your dream to morph and evolve and mutiny into something bigger or slightly different. It's their nature.


My story will be woven into theirs. That's how our stories work. We connect. A thread is formed or our threads become entangled. Your words flow into mine as the ocean meets the shore. Story shapes. It's a thing of a beauty.


Come join my mutiny. My dream's mutiny.

*This phrase "mutiny well" I must give credit to Matt Ham for. He is the one who said it first to me.