He Wrecked My Ship And Made Me Dream...

Jon Acuff is a NYT Bestselling author, speaker, and blogger. He’s also kind of a big deal on Twitter and he didn’t force me to say that. His new book from Penguin comes out in April 2015. If you meet him and are carrying queso, plan on being mauled. #LikeBearAttacks


I wrote an entire piece about why I was excited to have Jon Acuff as one of my dreamers on this project. It was perfect. Every hair was in place. It would have passed inspection with any PR person. It was a homogenized hunk of crap. That’s not why you’re funding Mutiny of Dreamers. You’re reading this because you want to see reality. You’re investing in this because you want to feel the fire and the sting of the ocean spray as it beats against your face on that mutinying ship. So let’s talk about Jon.


Jon wrecked my ship and made me dream. That dude turned my life upside down. A year and a half ago, I had never even heard of him. My backstory is long and complicated and someday I’ll tell you all about it. Let’s just say I didn’t know all about the world of Christian celebrity. That phrase, it’s kind of an ugly thing. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. Jon’s a pretty awesome human being, so when I say Christian celebrity I’m not trying to bring a negative connotation into this story. I’m saying I didn’t know about this world and all of it’s intricacies.


His name first crossed my path when he got retweeted into my timeline by a fellow #spacetweep (look it up, yes, it’s very cool). I started following him a little over a year ago, just in time for his launch of an online community. That community has continued to evolve over the past year and become an integral part of my life.


From the beginning, Jon challenged me. There wasn't an option for living ordinary. When I finally realized the reality of my life, my world blew itself to bits. But I didn’t get to stay stuck in the mire. I had muster up the strength, pull myself out of it, and start living. I was surrounded by a community who were there, grabbing my hands and pulling wrecked pieces of me up out of the crap. I wasn’t doing it alone. The people I have met, the experiences I have had, they changed me. 


This past year was hell. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In those painful moments, I found myself. I know who I am and what I am. I understand purpose and calling. I know what it means to be completely shattered. I recognize my brokenness but I have chosen not to live in it. Instead I pursue wholeness and healing so that I don't cross the line between broken and breaker. Part of these understandings have come from watching Jon and his wife Jenny live out some incredibly difficult life moments.

Jon wrote these words, 

"We all get our own oceans. Never trade yours for a pond."

This is why I chose him to be one of my dreamers. He inspires me. He makes me better. The story he is living gives me courage to pursue this dream in the first place. Jon taught me that fear monsters in my pond are there to hasten me into my ocean. I know from watching him that bravery is rarely a glamorous thing. We have learned together in community that in the darkness there will always be a wild crew of revolutionaries who hold out their hands and say, “This way! Unto the light.”


The story of his dream’s mutiny is one you’ll want to read. Will you join the mutiny and help fund this journey so I can tell it?  http://kck.st/1BYR2pQ


Mutiny Well, Dreamer.