The Mutiny

In January, my path crossed with a man named Peter. He is one of the greatest storytellers I have ever met and he changed my life. This English gentleman was preparing to go on a forty day pilgrimage through Spain. His plan was to silently walk a route that pilgrims had taken for centuries. As he spoke, I knew this was the year for my own pilgrimage but it wouldn't look like his. 

Until the few months prior to meeting Peter, my life already had a plan. It was already mapped out before me. It wasn't my plan and it wasn't the most exciting one. But everything had its place. I knew what I had to do and who I had to be. But the dreamer inside me; she would have died there. In that moment the final piece of my facade broke. And the mutiny began.

Mine would be a pilgrimage of people. I began to make my own plan. Life happened and plans took a backseat. They were always there, waiting to be made a priority. From February to August, I walked. I walked through a lot of life and a lot of desert. 1,000 miles of desert if you want to get technical. That is a story in itself. One which I will probably tell in bits and pieces along the way.

The time has come to leave the desert and enter the next leg of the journey. Forty days and forty people from Portland to Boston. Each of these people are someone who is living and pursuing a dream that has impacted me in some way. Their dream has mutinied; taken hold of their life and turned it upside down. This list holds writers, musicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, poets, artists, and policymakers. Some of them are famous, some are building their platform, and others are known only to their friends and family. They all matter. Their stories matter. Their dreams are changing the world.

Along the way, I'll share my experiences and pieces of their stories here. It will culminate in a book which talks about what occurs when the dream inside of us mutinies and the journey that it takes us on. It's important you know these dreamer's stories; the how and the why their dreams mutinied. YOU need to know about it because you have a dream.

YES. You do. Inside of you is a dream that wants to mutiny. Maybe it already has. Maybe you can feel it growing in you. Maybe you haven't even found it yet. My journey, these stories, let them shine light on your own dream, on your journey.

When the desire to the live the adventure you were created for overwhelms the willingness to live the mundane. It comes from certainty of gifting. It is called the mutiny of dreamers...