Life Is Messy. Even. In. Australia.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I met with two people who not only have accomplished some incredible things when it comes to their dreams, but also have true hearts. The kind of heart that is devoted to their craft and families. One of them is a musician whose music accompanies TV shows that you have in your queue right now and even films that cause fans to dissolve in hysterics at the mention of them.  The other is a NYT bestselling author a couple times over, whose books will soon be films of their own. The thing I loved most about the two of them is their passion for what they create and how it completely outweighs society's definition of their success. It hasn't defined who they are as humans. It has only enabled them to continue on their chosen path. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with both of them, but the human I have to tell you about today is Max.

Max is six. Max has a dream too. Well, I should say Max has many dreams. He is a giant ball of positive energy that will sweep you off your feet with a continual series of hugs, handholding, and sneaky kisses. His love is a glorious thing. I met Max yesterday when I was hanging out with his mom. It was then that he informed me of his dream. 

Me & the Famous Max

Me & the Famous Max

"I want to have a cooking show on YouTube!!!!!!!!" 

Yes, all of those exclamation points are necessary because this is how Max speaks. The power to help this dream come true was within my reach, so I asked his mother permission. We made this dream a reality. Max's excitement was so contagious that I shot the video vertically and laughed so hard I shook the camera. It is not the best footage, but Max is brilliant in it.

Me & Max C.

Me & Max C.

As you'll see when you watch it, he's never at a loss for words. Somehow in his six years on this planet, Max has learned how to narrate every action he takes in the kitchen. He was just talking away as he buttered his toast and proceeded to butter his fingers as well. As he licked the butter off his fingers, he said, "it's okay if you get messy." I responded with, "that's important for people to know, that sometimes life is messy."

"Life is messy," Max said, "even in Australia."

Life is messy. Even. In. Australia.

I asked if he had ever been to Australia. I wondered what this profound statement could mean. "Well, not really..." and he then told me about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. This is a picture book that is so old I read it when I was a child and as Max tells us during his cooking show video, "comes out in theaters next week." And Max in his full of life, infinite child wisdom has pinpointed exactly where I have been these past several months.

I am here in the middle of this messy life. I tried for years to live a life that reflected perfection and then it all blew to crap. As I am rebuilding, I am faced with the choice of once again replacing the masks that I wore for years or embracing this fact that Max so concisely stated. I am choosing to revel in it, to live in these messy moments and not hide from them. I am finding that they are so full of laughter and tears and six year olds who come up behind you with still buttery fingers to wrap their arms around your waist and sneak a slightly greasy kiss on your cheek.

It doesn't matter how far you go. If you are on the road or at home or if you travel all the way to Australia, life is messy. Isn't that beautiful?