Practical Worship

I was early for my second meeting of the day and it was in Franklin, TN. In search of a Starbucks where I could find a hot cup of chamomile tea and a restroom I stumbled upon Philanthropy. It is a store that my friend, Ronne, has told me about since we've known each other. It is home to The Giving Keys, our favorite candles, gypsy clothes that wrap you in their romantic layers, and products created to fund many different causes around the world.


I had forgotten it existed until I tripped over it on the way out of Starbucks. But the thing which completely took me by surprise was the wall of prayers. It is covered in hooks and handwritten tags. Each tag has a prayer written on it. Some are simple, others are complex.

I stood before that wall and felt it wash over me. On this earth there are sacred places, but they are not always where you expect to find them. In the face of all of those voices, crying out with hope, I was undone. I pulled a tag from the glass jar and wrote my own prayer. A weighty one that shoved back the darkness with the infiltrating power of Light.

You do not walk out of Philanthropy without leaving your prayer and taking a prayer. If that is not a deep practical act of worship then I have never seen one. There amidst the candles, fabric, and copper chains, I saw God's face in those hundreds of paper tag prayers. I left one and chose one and walked out in worship. And that sacred place moment is breathing in me even now.